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About Us

Studio Anvers

Welcome to our playground.


Ever since she was little, Laura Van Laer designed her own jewelry. It has always been her dream to one day create her own brand. That is why she started Studio Anvers in the summer of 2017 in her hometown, Antwerp. 


 Originally starting out as a jewelry brand, the first collection of Studio Anvers was inspired by the Antwerp Hand, the symbol of Laura's hometown. The collections that followed were inspired by her travels and the different cultures she encountered.


After leaving Antwerp and moving to China, Laura soon discovered new opportunities for her online shop. Friends and family often asked her for help when they wanted to order things from Chinese online platforms. They weren't quite sure how to order products themselves or didn't really trust the small online shops. Also, they were scared that the quality of the products they ordered would be poor. That's why Laura decided to expand her collection inspired by what her friends and family wanted to purchase.


Studio Anvers aims to create beautifully curated collections for women, kids and your home. We only select high quality yet affordable items so everybody can enjoy their online shopping experience.