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Antwerp Hands

Hey everyone,


It’s been a week since we launched, and so far your reactions have been great! Thank you so much for all the support!

As you know the Antwerp Hand is the inspiration of our first jewelry collection. But do you know where it comes from?

According to legend, a giant called Druon Antigoon exacted a heavy toll from any seafarer crossing the river Scheldt in Antwerp. If the sailors refused to pay the toll, Antigoon mercilessly chopped off one of their hands. A brave Roman soldier called Silvius Brabo battled and killed the giant. He then chopped off the giant's hand and threw it in the Scheldt; and the Dutch term 'hand werpen' (throw a hand) eventually became 'Antwerpen' (Antwerp). This is how a hand became the symbol of Antwerp, and many years later, the inspiration behind the famous delicacy from the city on the Scheldt: the Antwerp Hands.

The famous Antwerp Hands biscuits have existed since 1934 and since 1971; there has also been a chocolate version of the Antwerp Hands in addition to the biscuits. And now, there is also a jewelry version of the Antwerp Hands.

You can find our Antwerp Hand collection on our webshop.



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